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Aquaroll Filter

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The Aquaroll Filter prevents the formation of biofilms in your entire water system at the source. All this is achieved with one application at the start of every season of use. The Aquaroll Filter is perfect for camping and caravanning.

Why use an Aquaroll Filter?

All water carriers, tanks or pipes act as the perfect place for the germs found in water to grow and spread. After only a few hours of water being exposed to a surface, bacteria and other microorganisms multiply and spread at a very high rate. This is most noticeable in the form of a slimy substance that covers the inner surface of water pipes and water carriers. This slime is most commonly known as Biofilm.

Once formed, Biofilm acts as the perfect natural environment for bacteria to grow quickly in your water system. These bacteria’s can contaminate your water supply leading to various illnesses. Prevention is always better than cure, therefore it is advisable to avoid the formation of biofilm from the start; depriving bacteria and microorganisms of the opportunity to grow in their natural habitat.

How to use your filter:

· Remove outer packaging and metal tin.

· Place filter into Aquaroll, and fill with water.

· Leave in Aquaroll all season, whether the barrel is full or empty.

· Filters up to 100 litres at a time giving you fresh water from your Aquaroll.

· Dispose of at the end of each season.