Dorema Canopy Vario

Dorema Canopy Vario

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This versatile sun canopy which is made entirely of Ten Cate All Season material, has sides which are fitted with zippers to enable you to fit side panels should you require that little something extra from your sun canopy. This Vario also provides you the added option to choose side panels with or without windows for both sides.

Depth: 220 cm
Roof material: Ten Cate lightweight coated polyester
Wall material: Ten Cate lightweight coated polyester
Frames: A choice from:

3 steel upright poles
Canopy frame steel
Canopy frame aluminium
Available sizes: 775-1000 cm
Colour: blue/grey
Weight: Size 7:

3 upright steel poles approx. 11,8 kg
Steel frame approx. 17,6 kg
Aluminium frame approx. 13,2 kg
Optional extras:

Quick Lock pads
Special Features:

The sun canopy is completely your own selection, you can choose with or without sides and with or without a window in the side panel. Side panels are NOT interchangeable.
Covered zips for optimal protection
Equipped with Quick Lock Profile