KARTT Anti Slip Ribbed Jockey Wheel
KARTT Anti Slip Ribbed Jockey Wheel

KARTT Anti Slip Ribbed Jockey Wheel

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Product description

The KARTT Anti-slip Jockey Wheel is suitable for the minority of users with larger twin-axle caravans with exceptional heavy nose weights or old and damaged clamps, where the jockey wheel can slip in the clamp.

For most caravan setups, the standard KARTT Jockey Wheel is more than suitable, but in some cases with larger loads, the additional nose weight leads to overtightening on the clamp to stop slippage, causing indentations on the jockey's outer tube. This especially happens with big heavy, twin-axle caravans or with a heavier nose weight. For these cases, Kartt developed the Anti-Slip Jockey Wheel with a specially designed ribbed outer tube to prevent the tube slipping through the clamp.

Importantly, this new Anti-Slip jockey wheel comes with all the original features of the  Kartt  Ultimate Jockey Wheel. The solid wide rubber wheel is puncture-proof and ideal for most surfaces including grass and sand. It has the same footprint as a pneumatic tyre but without the drawbacks.

It is easy to steer, even when assisted by motor movers - stronger inner and outer tubes with heavy-duty wheel hangers give greater strength when manoeuvring.

The high-visibility orange powder-coated steel rim is more easily seen if the wheel is not raised after hitching up, giving additional protection from road and sea salt.

The 20mm steel axle tube and maintenance-free nylon bearing allows free-running without metal to metal wear and will not break down under load. Kartt's Turn-Lok device stops the handle from winding under normal road vibrations, preventing the wheel assembly from dropping out whilst travelling.

An easy-grip ergonomic jockey knob, along with a superior thrust bearing allows the smoothest action when using the jockey wheel. All of the features on the  Kartt Ultimate Caravan  Jockey  Wheel are perfect for most caravan users, but on the heavier caravan models, when you find that the jockey wheel slips through the clamp, upgrade to the Anti-Slip Jockey Wheel.

The key to the Anti-Slip Jockey Wheel is the ribbed outer tube which prevents sliding within the clamp even under excessive dynamic load....the sort of load that can be applied when manoeuvring with a motor mover over difficult terrain. This specially-formed outer tube is extremely strong and can be used with most clamps.

Additional Clamp

The Anti-slip Jockey Wheel tube is compatible with most clamps, but if yours is damaged and not up to the job - or simply for peace of mind - KARTT has designed a super robust cast iron Swing Clamp which is available to purchase separately.

We recommend that this is mounted to the chassis and fitted only by a professional workshop or service centre. Once the heavy-duty clamp is in place and the Kartt Anti-Slip Ultimate Jockey Wheel is fitted inside, it will be difficult to find anything stronger for your caravan.


All features

  • Only recommended for exceptionally heavy nose-weights and twin-axle caravans.
  • Longer body length.
  • Ribbed tube for additional grip.
  • Double tube thickness.
  • Will not puncture! -Strong and pliable rubber tyre
  • Smooth travel across almost all surfaces making tarmac, gravel, chippings, grass and sand easy.
  • Tough and durable to withstand high impact over curbs and cobbles.
  • Ideal for use with motor movers.
  • Easy to grab and steer with an ergonomically designed knob for easy grip, even in the wet.
  • maintenance-free special nylon bearing allowing free running and no metal-to-metal wear.
  • High quality metal and plating used on all components.
  • Corrosion resistant and fully protected against rust from road and sea salt with a powder-coated baked-on colour rim.