PuriSol Water Storage Tanks Cleaner - 300ml

PuriSol Water Storage Tanks Cleaner - 300ml

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PuriSol is a complete sanitiser and deodoriser of water storage tanks. A new concept formulated especially for periodic cleansing of water tanks and pipe work. The unique synergistic blend of components produce a powerful cleaning action, lifting accumulated organic matter, stains and bio film from interior surfaces.

Purisol is a most effective biocide with a very wide spectrum of activity and a fast rate of kill. It is Bactericidal, Vrucidal, Fungicidal and Sporocidal. PuriSol will deodorise offensive odours from the water system, removing odours completely by a process of oxidation. Not suitable to use with drinking water.

PuriSol Directions for Use:
To use with water tanks/containers and pipework please add 3 caps full (30ml) per 25 litres of water. Remove the cartridge from in-line filter if fitted.

  • Pour required amount of PuriSol into the water tank or container
  • Fill up the tank/container with clean fresh water and pump through to taps, close taps.
  • Leave to soak for 2 to 12 hours
  • Empty tank/container by plumbing out through the taps
  • Rinse with fresh mains water and pump out through taps
  • Fill with fresh main water and treat with Aqua Sol for lasting Freshness.